General information

The NGFS is chaired by Mr Frank Elderson, member of the European Central Bank’s Executive Board. The Secretariat, headed by Mr Jean Boissinot, is provided by the Banque de France.

In order to achieve its work program, the Network has structured its work into five dedicated Workstreams:

  • Workstream on “Microprudential/Supervision”, chaired by Ms Gek Choo Goh from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (more information);
  • Workstream on “Macrofinancial”, chaired by Ms Sarah Breeden from the Bank of England (more information);
  • Workstream on “Scaling up green finance”, chaired by Ms Sabine Mauderer from the Deutsche Bundesbank (more information);
  • Workstream on “Bridging the data gaps”, chaired by Mr Patrick Amis from the European Central Bank and Mr Fabio Natalucci from the International Monetary Fund (more information);
  • Workstream on “Research”, chaired by Mr Ma Jun from the People’s Bank of China (more information);

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