Banque de France is committed to make all of its internet sites, intranet, extranet, software packages and its mobile applications accessible in conformity to article 47 of n° 2005-102 law from February 11 2005.

To this end, Banque de France is implementing the strategy and the following actions:

This present site is currently considered as non-conform according to the General Framework of Reference for Administrative Accessibility, RGAA version 4.0.

There is no RGAA 4 audit planned, because an application overhaul is scheduled to be done by the deadline of September 2023.

To realize an audit in this context of technical migration constitutes for Banque de France a disproportionate burden. It has been considered more appropriate to dedicate its means to include digital accessibility in the overhaul project to come.

Information feedback and contact

Banque de France is aware that accessibility issues can be present on the current site.

Banque de France is committed while waiting for the new site version, to take any means necessary in order to give access, in a reasonable delay, to information and functionalities looked forward by a handicapped person.

Banque de France is therefore abiding to the article 11 of the February 2005 law:

« The disabled person has the right to compensation for the consequences of their disability, whatever the origin and nature of their impairment, their age or their lifestyle. »

Banque de France is hence inviting any person who had troubles operating the site to reach out in order to allow an assistance to be implemented (accessible alternative, information and content given in another form).

Enforcement procedure

If you have found an accessibility issue, which prevents you from accessing content, or a site functionality, that you have reported and you have not obtained a response from our part, you have the rights to send your complaints or referral to Défenseur des droits.

Several means are at your disposal:

  • a contact form ;
  • the list of your region delegates with their direct contact information ;
  • a phone number : 09 69 39 00 00
  • a postal address (free of charge mail, without paid postage) : Le Défenseur des droits - Libre réponse 71120 - 75342 Paris CEDEX 07.

Updated on: 04/02/2021 14:35